ITEMB, SPAIN and EURECA: Protom for Clean Sky at EASN-CEAS conference in Glasgow

EASN-CEAS Conference


Protom and its partners are showcasing Clean Sky projects results and talking about their progresses at the international EASN-CEAS conference on “Manufacturing for Growth & Innovation”. This is one of the most important dissemination event for the European research program.

The 8th edition of the event has been taking place in Glasgow between 4th and 7th September. For Protom, the conference represents the opportunity to take stock of ITEMB (InTEgrated Main landing gear Bay), which aims to develop a new Concept of Landing Gear Bay fully integrated into the fuselage body for Medium Range Aircraft Family.

Protom has been working in partnership with LAER, an Italian company specialized in manufacturing of metallic and composite aerospace structures, and the Industrial Engineering Department of University “Federico II”, which has a deep experience in the designing for the supply chain of the major aircraft OEMs.

ITEMB project has seen the concept of the Upper and Vertical Bulkheads of the Landing Gear Bay with a monolithic approach and the use of composite materials. Tests on a scale model has shown good performances, exceeding expectations and receiving great appreciation from Airbus, ITEMB Topic Manager. In Glasgow the results are going to be discussed among the stakeholders and next steps for their dissemination and exploitation will be considered.

Project SPAIN (Smart Panels for SAT Aircrafts cabin INsulation) also is going to be presented to the conference panel. Protom has been working on the project with TI&A for the Cezch company Evektor, with the aim of designing a more effective and efficient thermo-acoustic insulation system for General Aviation aircrafts. An important milestone has already been achieved with the evaluation of the most performing materials and the sizing of the preliminary configuration.

Furthermore CNR is showcasing project EURECA (Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks) results. Protom is a partner of the project, which is dedicated to innovate the assembly of aircraft interiors using advanced human-robot collaborative solutions.

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