SPAIN Project “Smart Panels for SAT Aircrafts Cabin Insulation” makes part of the Systems Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD) Program within Clean Sky2. System ITD Leader for Small Aircraft Transportation (SAT) Topic Manager is Evektor the Check Republic Aircraft OEM.

Scope of SYS ITD of Clean Sky 2 is to develop innovative technologies in the Systems Aerospace field and integrated demonstrators on which test the developed technologies. Final objective of SYS ITD is to give a contribution the overall Clean Sky 2 goals regarding the reduction of CO2, NOX emissions and regarding the reduction of both external and internal noise.


SPAIN intends to give a contribution to the challenges of Clean Sky 2 Program in terms of reduction of the acoustic impact design, developing and validating a Thermo-Acoustic insulation system for the passengers cabin of the EV-55 Aircraft, improving in this way the comfort and the benefit perception of General Aviation category.


General Aviation Aircrafts, except the Business Aviation category, are generally equipped with a cabin poorly efficient both in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation; this due mainly to the not availability of the most innovative solutions or materials like those used on Large Passenger Aircraft like B784 or A380 (cause their high cost not affordable for General Aviation OEMs). SPAIN aims thus to close this technology and market for the General Aviation category developing a thermo-acoustic insulation system with materials and innovative solutions highly efficient at an affordable cost for this class of aircrafts.

By making use of the most up to date materials available on the market with high thermal and acoustic individual performance SPAIN goal is to design, develop and test an efficient Insulation Panel suitable for the General Aviation Aircraft at an affordable cost. This will be pursued in SPAIN opportunely combining materials in a combined package of different thicknesses and material sized though thermal and acoustic Analysis. In SPAIN will be also evaluated the possibility of integrating into the chosen combined package of materials suitable acoustic Helmholtz dampers based on the physical principle of the famous physician.
Final deliverable of SPAIN project is the design, development and production of a complete EV-55 Cabin Insulation System.


Project Achieved Milestones

After an initial screening of the most performing materials available on the market with characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation we have performed a sizing of the preliminary configuration most suitable of materials compounds with the goal of matching the requested thermal and acoustic performance.
Actually thermal characterization test and acoustic test on the difference configuration of materials compounds are ongoing.


Base materials


Helmhotz Resonators

The new Milestone achieved by SPAIN Project is the conclusion of Thermal and Acoustic testing of the selected compounds of materials that allowed us to confirm the preliminary sizing assumption in terms of thermal-acoustic insulation.

This will allow us to select the most suitable configuration of compound of materials to be used for the final demonstrator.

Design of the complete EV-55 aircraft cabin insulation system is in progress with the selected insulation material compounds.



SPAIN STL Impedance Tube for Acoustic Tests

STL Impedance Tube for Acoustic Tests



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 714486.