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Protom is a Global Player for the designing and the development of innovative solutions both for SME’s and multinational corporations.

The company is leader in global consulting and system integration, specialized in KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) development and a great expert of intagible capitals.



Through Research and Innovation, the main pillars of its approach, Protom constantly aims at delivering high-quality top-end services, and thus it is able to continuously attract new partners to pursue business objectives.

Protom’s strengths include the ability of its departments to cooperate in order to deliver advanced services in accordance with the tailor-made approach of the company, which allows a customized and optimal execution of each project.



Protom’s methodology expertise, developed over years of programme and project management, alongside with its top-end technological expertise, enables the company to deliver a wide range of highly-innovative services.



Our daily work aims at leading the market through the development of customer-oriented solutions. Innovation is our engine and flexibility is our added value.

The constant management of changes and the combination of methodology and technical expertise allow us to adapt our set of best practice to market developments, by designing alternative solutions and foreseeing needs to create new opportunities.

Our history


Protom’s Governance model is based on three principles:

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An Ethical Code and an Organization, Management and Control Model, created in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 231, 8 June 2001 (D. Lgs. 8 giugno 2001, n. 231), lay down the dispositions concerning the proper behaviour of company’s employees and external partners.

Protom has committed itself to promote among its partners the OECD guidelines to foster the adoption of responsible behaviours by multinational corporations.

Certificates and Legality Rating

Protom was granted the following certificates.

Legality Rating

Protom was granted the Legality Rating by the Certifying Authority for Market Competition.

The company actively promotes the dispositions of the Legality Agreement signed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Confindustria on 10 May 2010 and renewed on 19 June 2012, as well as the dispositions set out by the Agreement’s following editions and its Implementing Guidelines.

  • EN 9100 certificate for the following activities:

    Professional services concerning engineering, project planning, system development, development of mechanical and electrical components for the Aerospace and the Defence sectors.

  • ISO 9001 certificate for the following activities:

    Planning and execution of technical consultancy services for Aeronautics, Railways and Automotive industries. Planning and execution of Training projects (both face-to-face and distance learning). Project planning, consultancy, integration and marketing of software and multimedia contents, IT products, communication and network products, including their installation, assistance and maintenance.

  • ISO 14001 for the following activities:

    Execution of technical consultancy services for Public Administration bodies and private companies. Planning and execution of Training services (both face-to-face and distance learning).


Protom in the world

Protom in the world – All our activities are located in four headquarters:


    11, rue Marius Tercè parc “Aerotec” bat.C 31300 TOULOUSE


    Via Vicinale S.M. del Pianto – CPN, Ed. 6 80143 – Napoli


    Avenida Rio Branco, 45, sala 1906 Parte, Rio de Janeiro CEO 20090-0013

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