Protom can offer a wide range of Engineering services, from the simple consultancy support to the complete WP responsibility.


Engineering Consultancy Service

Consists in providing highly specialized Engineering expertise consultancy on some specific developing competences or assist in planning design actions or implementation support in the following domains:

  • Structure Design & Analysis (Static & Dynamic)
  • Cabin Interiors & Systems
  • System Engineering
  • Aircraft development and Integration (ECS, IPS, Structure, Mechanical Systems)

Plug & Play Service

Consists in providing specialized manpower on site for short or long period of time supported in back office by the Core Team of our Advanced Engineering Business Unit:

  • Structure Designers (Metal & Composite)
  • Structure Analysts ( FEM specialists, Static & Dynamic)
  • FCS Design Engineer
  • LG design Engineers
  • ECS Design Engineers
  • Systems Installation Engineers

WP Leadership Service

Design Responsibility on a complete WP mainly in Structures domains:

  • Project management
  • Requirement engineering
  • Design and specification
  • Design assurance
  • 2nd tier supplier management (design & stress, technical documentation, test)
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