Taking advantage from the expertise of each of the Aerospace BU team members, based on long time experience in aircraft OEM’s and aviation knowledge, the team is able to apply an integrated & make it work approach covering the entire Aircraft Life Cycle passing through following domains:

Aerospace Operational Domains V |Aerospace Industries - Protom Group S.p.A.

We are able to manage an aerospace project from the requirements definition (TLAR) through the Concept definition, Preliminary and Detailed Design up to the certification support with the authorities. Together with a manufacturing Partner we are able to take responsibility for complete product development work packages. 

Protom added value relies in three main key points:

Making relationship with airframe manufacturing Partners (LAER) in order to take responsibility of a complete airframe work packages, taking leadership of the process form concept design up to physical installation on aircraft.

Capable of facing complex design challenges in aviation with an highly Integrated and specialized approach in Aircraft Structure and Systems Design.

Investing in R&D activities challenging a future key player in aerospace world.

Aerospace Disciplines

Protom Aerospace division provides multidisciplinary expertises

Protom Aerospace Team is able to provide expertise in the following Aircraft Disciplines relying on its group of well experienced Senior Design Engineers, Managers and Project Coordinators: Aircraft Structures, Aircraft Systems, RAMS, System Engineering ARP4754, Tools & Jig Manufacturig.

Aerospace Operational Domains |Aerospace Industries - Protom Group S.p.A.

Aircraft Structures

Aerospace Industry is in continuous evolution and Aircraft OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers need to adapt to this evolution by implementing new design concepts and furthermore supporting those design changes with a large number of highly specialized resources.

As a leading global Design Engineering Center for Aerospace & Defense Airframe Structure, Protom is a key partner for the top Aircrafts OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that need to outsource entire and complex Airframe structural design work packages, both metallic and composite. We are able to manage a complete Structural Design Work Package (Aircraft Section, Fairings, Movables, etc) from the High Level Technical Requirements to the 2D drawings production, in accordance with the customer standards for Design & Manufacturing.

In conjunction with our production partner, we are able to support the industrialization and testing process up to the implementation on the aircraft,  taking the responsibility for the entire structural work package up to the hardware delivery.

Protom successfully accomplish Design and Stress activities for both metallic and composite complex parts.

Preliminary Design & JDP

  • Primary & Secondary structure Concept & Layout design
  • Preliminary sizing
  • Preliminary CAD 3D modeling & DMU management
  • Weights estimation
  • Materials choice
  • Composite layout configuration definition


  • Linear & Non Linear FEM Analysis (Nastran, Patran)
  • Global FEM Analysis
  • Fatigue analyses (Apex)
  • Detailed 3D CAD models (Catia V5 R20 and higher)
  • BOM, PDM Management, Configuration Management (Envoia PLM)
  • Parts, Assy, & Installation Drawing CAD 2D execution


  • Support to industrialization
  • Design for Lean production
  • Design for RAMS and Maintenance optimization
  • Installation and tooling concepts

Aircraft Systems

Thanks to our Senior System Engineers, experienced in EASA & FAA regulation and in DO160, DO178, DO254 standards, we are able to provide Engineering Coordination & Technical Leadership.

We are able to manage the complete design lifecycle  for Systems: architecture, design, integration and validation, tests and certification justification.

ARP 4754 methodology approach is used by our Systems Engineer to perform highly specialized Staff activities during the system development:

  • HLTR production
  • SoW production
  • Systems Architecture Definition & trade-off
  • Systems performance analysts (LMS Amesim, Flowmaster)
  • Systems Installation design coordination (Catia)
  • System Suppliers liaison & Managing
  • Technical Proposal Evaluation
  • Requirements Validation & Verification (DOORS)
  • Systems & Equipments Qualification (D0160)
  • Systems & Equipments Certification, interface with authorities
  • FHA support (ARP 4761)
  • SSA support
  • Management of technical and operational systems documentation (FCOM, MMEL etc.)

Based on the above Protom Aerospace Team is able to provide expertise in the following Aircraft Systems:

Sistemi Aeronautici | Protom
  • Flight Controls (Mechanical and Fly-by-Wire)

  • Landing Gears (Steering, Wheels and Brakes)

  • Hydraulics

  • Pneumatics, ECS & Ice Protection

  • Oxygen & Fire Protection

  • Systems Integration & Installations

We are able to provide support from the initial system space allocation activity up to the detailed systems installation, producing 3D & 2D drawings in accordance with the customer standards.


Protom is highly specialized in Systems Integration & Installation regarding Hydraulics, Pneumatics, ECS, Fuel, Oxygen, Mechanical FCS & Landing Gears through the use of DMU (Digital Mock-up).

We are able to take the complete responsibility for the systems integration & installation taking into account segregation, safety, accessibility & maintainability requirements.


A Team consists in professional experts.

Protom RAMS team consists in professional experts in the fields of Reliability Prediction and Analysis, Maintainability Analysis (including RCM and MSG3), Safety Assessment (ARP4761), Safety Management.

  • FHA
  • System Safety Plan
  • Safety program
  • System and Subsystem Safety Analysis (ARP 4761)
  • System and Subsystem Hazard Analysis & Hazard Log
  • FMECA (MIL-P-1629)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • RAM requirements apportionment
  • Testing procedures Design and Specification, for Subsys requirements V&V


Verification & Validation. 

In line with the ARP4754 guidelines for Integrated & Complex Aircraft Systems Protom Group is able to support the  Design process from preliminary to the detailed design with development of Verification & Validation activities.

Verification & Validation | Aerospace Industries, Domini Operativi- Protom Group S.p.A.


The CCA consists of three separate types of analyses which are designed to uncover hazards not created by a specific subsystem component failure.

Thanks to its Senior Design Engineers accustomed with EASA/FAA regulation and in systems/structure design Protom is able to conduct Particular Risk following the AMC 20-128A Design Considerations for Minimizing Hazards Caused by Uncontained Turbine Engine and Auxiliary Power Unit Rotor Failure, Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA) and Common Mode Analysis (CMA).

Particular Risk Analysis

The Particular Risk Analysis looks for external events which can create a hazard such as a birdstrike or engine turbine burst.

Zonal Safety Analysis

The Zonal Safety Analysis looks at each compartment on the aircraft and looks for hazards that can affect every component in that compartment, such as loss of cooling air or a fluid line bursting.

Common Mode Analysis

The Common Mode Analysis looks at the redundant critical components to find failure modes which can cause all to fail at about the same time.

Clean Sky

Our abilities allowed us to become a partner in the Clean Sky 2 program, that is taking place within the european venture of
Horizon 2020.


40% of PMI among the participants


24 Countries


600 Participating entities


4bn Program budget

Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CSJU) is a public-private partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry that coordinates and funds research activities to deliver significantly quieter and more environmentally friendly aircraft.

Clean Sky is the largest European research programme developing innovative, cutting-edge technology aimed at reducing CO2, gas emissions and noise levels produced by aircraft.

Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Clean Sky contributes to strengthening European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.

Recently Protom has been appointed CORE PARTNER in Clean Sky 2 by JU for COSTAR project (Compact innOvative SmarT Actuators for next generation Rotorcraft Airbus Helicopters Topic Manager), in partnership with Triumph Actuation Systems Ltd.

Protom is also PARTNER in Clean Sky 2 for other five projects.



    Compact innOvative SmarT Actuators for next generation Rotorcraft (Airbus Helicopters Topic Manager) – In partnership with Triumph Actuation Systems Ltd


  • ITEM B

    Integrated Main Landing Gear Bay (Airbus Topic Manager). In partnership con LAER e UNINA

    Insulation Panels for SAT Aircraft Interiors (Evektor Topic Manag.). In partnership with TIA

    Development of Vhbr engines Innovative Lubrication System (Rolls Royce Topic Manager)- In partnership with Abete, Tat Technologies (Israel), Euro.soft, Istituto Motori-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and University of Naples Federico II – Industrial Engineering Dept.
  • SEaSiDE

    Smart Electro-expulsive System for Sat aircraft DE-icing (Piaggio Aerospace Topic Manager) – in partnership with GKN Aerospace (UK)

    Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks (Fraunhofer Institute Topic Manager)- In partnership with Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, and IT Robotics.
Clean Sky 2 | Protom bandiera-unione-europea
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