Protom is a reference point for public and private partners requiring consultancy and technical assistance services for the management of complex programmes and projects.

Our company supports the customer throughout the whole project life-cycle: from programming and project planning to project implementation, management and control, including the assessment of the goals achieved. We meet our customers’ needs through innovative solutions, and the sound experience developed in challenging backgrounds allows us to guarantee an effective and efficient achievement of the results expected in accordance with top-end quality and ethical standards.

Protom’s Added Value

The company has developed a specialized attitude and a strategic approach which are fully consistent with the legislative, executive, management and control framework set out by the European Union.

We provide continuous and highly-qualified support to the design and implementation of EU-funded strategies (in particular by ERDF, ESF and EARDF) for territorial and socio-economic development. The technical assistance services are conceived so as to optimize the impacts produced by the policies supported. Our main purpose is to translate these services into real benefits for the end-user, as well as to guarantee the improvement of customers’ institutional, organizational and administrative expertise.


Technical Assistance

Consultancy and support for Public Bodies with regards to the strategic planning, management and execution of operational programmes and projects co-funded by EU funds.

In particular, Protom’s services includes tasks such as:

  • Strategic, Urban and Territorial planning.
  • Research and analysis about economic occurrences concerning the territory and assessment of development policies.
  • Support for Financial Programming and Planning.
  • Management, monitoring of financial, technical and procedural progress, control and assessment for complex programmes and projects.
  • Statement, control and validation of expenditures. Legal and administrative assistance.
  • Support for the interaction with the European Commission, the Managing Authority, the Certifying Authority and the Audit Authority as well as with national Public Bodies.
  • Design, implementation and development of advanced reporting systems.
  • International Cooperation.
  • Promotion and diffusion of best practice.
  • Optimization and simplification of administrative procedures.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring of projects’ and programmes’ financial, technical and procedural progress and ex ante, in itinere and ex post evaluation of their results and impacts.

We support the monitoring of EU/Nationally-funded projects’ and programmes’ financial, technical and procedural progress. We also carry out economic and social evaluation analysis (ex ante, in itinere and ex post) in order to assess the effectiveness, the impacts and the results produced.

Project financing

Protom develops and promotes public projects through the implementation of Public-Private Partnerships, in accordance with the legislative framework in the field of public procurement.

Protom provides experienced and specialized assistance for the setting up and the implementation of Project Financing contracts, Concession contracts for the construction and management of structures and infrastructures, Service Concession contracts and Availability contracts, in fields such as:

  • Sport Facilities, Water Resources,
  • Recycling Facilities,
  • Production Areas,
  • Energy Plants, Street Lighting,
  • Energy Efficiency.


A team of experts supports the applicant company throughout the whole process, from project designing to managing the relationship with the PA and the financial system.

Feasibility Studies

Technical and economic ex ante analysis.

We carry out both technical and economic ex ante analysis (cost-benefit analysis) to assist the strategic planning and the assessment  of the feasibility, convenience and technical, environmental, financial and legal sustainability of private and/or public programmes and projects, in order to support their execution, the build up of public-private partnerships and the search for funding opportunities to implement them.

Research and studies

Analysis and Research.

We carry out research and analysis in several fields, such as: territorial development and urban policies, tourism, labour market policies, equal opportunities, rural development, environmental care, sustainable development, scientific and technical research.

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