Like never before, IT can be an excellent tool to spread culture.

New technologies allow to experience things in a new way: they can raise astonishment and curiosity, thus allowing to better store any experience in our memory. They can also be used as tools to produce art and to create new ways to convey messages, suggestions, cultural meanings.

Within this framework, we are experimenting new ways to “produce culture”, alongside with public and private partners,  working in the field of cultural production and consumption in order to show all the different aspects which make up a cultural heritage.

That’s not a crowded path, and there are many critical aspects which still require a lot of work. Nevertheless, more than any other company we feel we are ready to share our successful experience in this field and to walk brand new paths alongside those who will be brave enough to take the challenge.


Museo “Il Bello o Il Vero” (Museum of Beautifulness and Truth)

In the ancient structure of S. Domenico Maggiore, in Naples, during the exhibition “Il Bello o il Vero” (“The Beautifulness or the Truth”), dedicated to late XIX – early XX century Neapolitan sculpture, a Holographic Pyramid was installed, allowing to see 3D models of the sculptures. Moreover, the pyramid was provided with a control panel, through which visitors could manipulate and enlarge the 3D pictures.

Villa dei Papiri

The ancient Roman villa was totally rebuilt in 3D through the creation of an interactive, immersive virtual reality system allowing visitors to explore the whole structure. The system included a 3D interactive model of a papyrus, which could be virtually handled through a touchpad.

The exhibition was open to the public at the “Casa del Lector” in Madrid, the prestigious location of the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Spanish Foundation.

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