Teaching and Learning methodologies need to be adapted to a world which is more and more oriented towards digital solutions. Tools and environments used to convey contents need to change accordingly. We need to go beyond traditional face-to-face education in order to make learning an active, inclusive and personal experience.

Protom brings forward highly-innovative solutions for Education, combining its over-20 year experience in the field of Training with the skills of top-end IT engineers and technicians. This merge produces ideas and projects which are able to stimulate and commit users, who become the main stakeholders in the building up of their own knowledge.

WallT – Scuolab

Wall-T Scuolab is an Italian-made software, developed and created with schools and for schools. In an immersive virtual environment, it duplicates a true and functioning scientific educational laboratory, where students can carry out different tasks interacting with such environment as if in real life.

Scuolab is an innovative supportive tool, but it cannot substitute the educational process: the software doesn’t include neither theoretical explanations nor educational contents. Its main feature consists in the ability to exactly duplicate all the steps of the Experimental Method: from surveying the main characteristics of the materials to bringing them to the work bench in order to manipulate them; from carrying out the experimentation to measuring its physical results. By a simple click, teachers will be able to duplicate and use a true educational laboratory on their classroom’s Interactive Multimedia Board, allowing the students to use the lab with no physical limits.

This is a real cut-off for Education, since it creates the conditions allowing to go beyond the traditional idea of “face-to-face lesson” and to create a smart, inclusive and sustainable learning process, in a word: true democratic Knowledge. 1st, 2nd and 3rd level Physics lessons are currently available. They include a set of contents and activities covering the whole educational programme set up by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research for high schools.

You can download a demo from this link here:

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