Information Technology gathers a wide range of hardware and software technologies, methodologies, legal dispositions, practice and specific solutions for any scope of application.

Protom’s Added Value

Our solutions stand out for their flexibility and pragmatism.

The company constantly works in close cooperation with customers, testing and practicing innovation both in technical and methodological terms, in order to define and test forefront solutions before bringing them to the market. The merge of such aspects is the only way to produce solutions which can actually meet real needs and guarantee a proper return of the investment.

Protom does not aspire to play the role of a mere technologist or methodologist, who applies unquestioningly state-of-the-art tools. The knowledge of our projects’, our services’ and our products’ scope of application is a key aspect to define and produce IT solutions which can actually meet specific needs and which can be adapted to the area of interest they’re addressed to.


Immersive Reality / Wall-T

WALL-T is an open and highly-flexible framework which can recreate a Virtual Reality. By using a combination of biometric sensors and innovative interfaces, it enables the user to dive into the VR.

The system creates a series of immersive virtual environments where the user can move and interact through simple body movements.

Wall-T’s added value is the ability to combine and manage both real and virtual contents, software, sensors and actuators. This ability makes it an interactive, immersive and fully-customizable framework, and users play a key role in this process. It is a comprehensive, modular system, which stands out for its complexity, its interactivity and its technical and commercial support services.

We manage the whole Customer Journey, from concept to maintenance.

Wall-T goes beyond the simple projection of a mere interactive 3D image, as it creates a fully immersive, multi-media and multi-sensorial reality, able to affect not only sight and touch, but also hearing and smell.

Users experience this reality not only through wearable equipment, but also through “mainly unwearable” sensors which follow their natural movements. The ability of the system to manage the physical interaction with the surrounding environment allows a highly-realistic duplication of virtual reactions to actual inputs.

System Integration

Protom works with its customers to make them achieve more significant business results, to enable them to face up to market changes more rapidly and to make them adopt a business and IT-oriented approach for the management of administrative and corporate processes.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we’re able to manage the integration of software, communication systems, data-acquisition systems, data-processing systems and interfaces, within complex IT structures. We provide System Integration solutions and services for customized applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects, application development as well as system analysis and validation.   

Moreover, we help our customers to consolidate their applications, to manage their ICT environments and to combine new applications.

  • Planning

    Information System Planning
  • Analysis

    Analysis of current conditions, identification of consolidation opportunities, planning of short and long-term changes
  • Integration

    Integration of the software of the existing ICT environment
  • Data and software transfer

    Transfer of data and software towards a new platform or a new technological environment
  • Updating

    Application maintenance, updating and support
  • Software

    Software factory
  • Development

    Software development
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