Protom is the ideal partner for companies and Public Administrations which regard their own human resources as strategic competitive assets. Protom has provided training solutions since 1995, with the purpose of setting up proper courses for professional growth and skill-development.

We develop customized training courses, in order to fully meet the specific needs of each customer. We also offer a catalogue of different courses, which we use as a baseline to develop innovative and up-to-date solutions in accordance with the highest standards of this sector.

We collaborate with experts and researchers from Universities as well as with professional entrepreneurs and consultants.

We collaborate with experts and researchers from Universities as well as with professional entrepreneurs and consultants.

Protom’s Added Value

Educational know-how.

Our training methodology stands out for our expertise and educational know-how, all features we have acquired, developed and constantly innovated over years of experience on the market.


Corporate Training

Protom has developed training courses in collaboration with entrepreneurs and HR executives in accordance with its analysis of companies’ training needs. We support customers since the need assessment in order to develop a shared project based on a clear identification of the objectives of the training activities.

Protom also supports customers to access the different financial sources dedicated to Training (Inter-professional Funds, Structural Funds), providing them with a constant check of the funding opportunities available and supporting them for the management of the whole project life-cycle, from the submission of the application to the statement of expenditures.

Mandatory Training

We provide Mandatory Training courses for young high-school and University graduates. The courses are based on a business like approach and are focused on the fields Protom is concerned with at international level: Aerospace, Automotive, Railway, IT.

Executive Training

Protom provides customized executive training courses, based on educational models characterized by the practical application of management theoretical concepts. Our training courses offer the chance to re-define executive roles and to build up the potential of the company. We exclusively offer customized training projects based on a continuous application of unconventional training methods.


It is a software Protom made to program and monitor companies’ training activities.

KMAP was designed to support companies in tasks such as:

  • Planning activities
  • Monitoring the deadlines set by current dispositions
  • Providing documents and certificates in the event of a public or a private control
  • Updating the Training Certificate of each worker trained
  • Filing laws, regulations and dispositions related to the sector concerned.
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