Thanks to a proficient team of consultants with top-end expertise in strategic and operational project planning, and thanks to the sound experience developed in challenging backgrounds, Protom is able to provide local and central Public Administration with highly-qualified and specialized consultancy and technical assistance services.

We bring forward innovative solutions for the implementation and management of complex, publicly-funded programmes and projects of intervention, with the purpose of delivering real benefits for the end-user so as to strengthen our customers’ institutional, organizational and administrative expertise.

IT for Public Administration

The multidisciplinary attitude of our team allows us to use the know-how developed in the IT field to support local and central PA.

To this end, we designed and created several specific software solutions for Public Administration, with the purpose of simplifying bureaucratic procedures through process-digitalization.

Online application for the request of Land Use Certificates

Protom developed a software for the on-line request of the Land Use Certificate regarding one or more cadastral units, through a web portal which can be accessed through any web browser.

The main purpose of the service is to provide citizens with a tool for the simplification of the procedures, since it allows them to submit their application through the web from a PC, with no need to go in person to the PA offices and no need to attach cadastral maps.
In order to issue digital Land Use Certificates, the software includes a web help-desk, made up of two different components: the Front Office and the Back Office.

  • Front-Office

    This area is reserved for external users (not belonging to the PA). It will allow them to submit their requests for the Land Use Certificate to the City Administration offices. Applicants will have to fill in a form with their personal data together with the data concerning the cadastral unit they wish to certificate and a check code. Cadastral data will be verified in real time, and a specific message will be sent to the user in the event of a mistake.
  • Back-Office

    This area is reserved for PA officials. It will display on a web interface the list of the requests submitted, allowing them to manage the mail notifications and to issue and validate the Land Use Certificates.

SIT (Territorial Information System)

Territorial data play a key role for the decision-making process concerning the governance and management of a territory.

The ability of a Public Local Body to easily acquire territorial data has become a strategic asset for economic and infrastructural development. Thus our main objective consists in guaranteeing the ability to process and manage a huge mass of different data in accordance with ever-growing quality and efficiency standards.

The Territorial Information System is a complex platform for the management of alphanumeric and cartographic data, supporting the rearrangement of the urban, construction and cadastral control systems, as well as the interaction and cooperation between different PA’s and the merge between different data sets.

  • Integration

    This feature is necessary in order to interact with the different softwares PA offices currently use to deliver territorial services.
  • Scalability

    This feature was included in view of the progressive increase of the number of users and of the services delivered.
  • Adaptability

    Co This feature consists in the possibility to customize the software in accordance with the specific needs of each Public Body as well as with the specific backgrounds in which the software will be used.
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