Protom has years of experience in the railway sector, in particular, it has considerable experience in reliability analysis (RAMS), in the field of railway signalling and subsystems wayside and on board, according to sector standards (CENELEC 50126 -50,128 to 50,129). Protom also has extensive experience in the field of process engineering and railway design.

Railway Disciplines

Protom Aerospace division provides multidisciplinary expertises.

Protom Railway team is able to relatively offer expertise to the following disciplines: Process engineering, Rams & V&V, Design and Stress e Signalling Engineering.

Railway Domini Operativi | Protom

Process engineering

Protom is able to operate in all the phases of the engineering process.

In the railway area Protom has extensive experience in:


  • Production cycles: determination of the times and methods of production
  • Manufacturing Inspection Planning of mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Bill of material management
  • Manufacturing support of special bonding process


RAMS and V&V

Protom RAMS team consists in professional experts in the fields of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety Analysis.

In the field of Safety and V&V, Protom is able to perform in the following activities:

  • System and Subsystem Safety Analysis;
  • System and Subsystem Hazard Analysis & Hazard Log;
  • System Safety Plan;
  • Safety program;
  • Process definition from Hazard Analysis to Risk evaluation;
  • SIL requirements apportionment;
  • Defining the structure and hierarchy of the Safety Case;
  • Safety activities integration, for Sys and Subsys;
  • Testing procedures Design and Specification, for Subsys requirements V&V.

Protom is able to perform the following activities:

  • Issue of RAM documentation, including Reliability, Availability and Maintainability calculations, for bids and projects;
  • RAM activities in forecast phase and operational phase;
  • FMECA, RBD, DBA, Spare parts calculation;
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analysis;
  • RAM requirements apportionment;
  • FRACAS/DRACAS Analysis.

V&V Testing

Analysis and revisions SW and of System.

Moreover, in the field V&V Testing, Protom performs:

  • HW/SW Integration testing design and execution in target environment;
  • V&V cycle implementation, according specific standards;
  • Code inspection and debug, software maintenance;
  • SW and System requirements Analysis and Review;
  • System testing, for Subsys requirements Verification and Validation.

Design and Stress Analysis

3D/2D modeling and Analysis FEM.

Protom Group is able to do complete design in the railway sector:

  • 3D/2D modeling
  • FEM analysis

Signalling engineering

Protom Group is able to technically support the signalling projects.

  • Support for participation in tenders: technical proposals for improvement
  • Support to railway project (technical specifications, block diagrams of the principle
  • Signalling schematic
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