ITEMB: the consortium reached a new project Milestone

ITEMB: the consortium reached a new project Milestone

Last October ITEMB Project reached an important Milestone: the freezing of the Composite Main Landing Gear Bay.

The initial phase of the project have been focused in the conceptual studies of different configurations for the upper and vertical bulkhead of the Main Landing Gear bay and a trade-off has been made between them in order to finalize a suitable configuration to be considered for the next preliminary and detailed design phase of ITEMB. The different configuration have been compared in terms of most suitable loads path, of weight saving and in terms of manufacturing process. During this phase, in order to additionally substantiate the choice have been performed also some tests on very simple structural components.

ITEMB intends to contribute to the optimization of the Air Transportation Systems, making them more sustainable, in accordance with the Clean Sky 2 general objective of reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Currently, the typical medium range aircraft configuration, like A320, sees the Main Landing Gear integrated under the wing of the aircraft and the LG bay made up of mostly of parts. ITEMB intends to explore a different scenario, based on an integrated landing system in the aircraft fuselage and aims to conceive a new configuration of the carriage trolley bay where the cart is to be integrated. The new approach is based on the use of composite materials.
Composite materials allow a reduction of weight and cost of the structural component. For this to happen, you need to get away from the design paradigms for metal components and start to “think in composite”.

ITEMB’s ambition is, therefore, to create a single composite structure of the carriage bay that reduces assembly costs by optimizing and integrating the entire design, construction and maintenance of the aircraft.

ITEMB Project Consortium is constituted by three legal entities, that are well balanced and complete each other in terms of competences and expertise: Protom Group S.p.a., LAER S.r.l. and UNINA.

Since highly specialized companies with a strong focus on aeronautics are involved in the project, the achieved benefits will be transferred directly to aircraft European sector, thus strengthening the competitiveness of the partner and creating potential for growth by developing process innovations meeting the needs of the European, global markets. The combined reduction of of development costs and structural weight is much more beneficial for the long-term success and competitiveness of aircraft development .

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