Il Sole 24 Ore – Protom flies up thanks to aerospace

Il Sole 24 Ore – Protom flies up thanks to aerospace

Protom flies up thanks to aerospace

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The Mountain View model teaches at the bottom of Vesuvius. We are not talking about a Google size reality, but also in Naples there are innovative companies that have made of dynamism and ability to devise technological “tailor made” solutions its proud. This is the case of Protom, a leader company in Europe in advanced engineering and consulting services for the development of projects and solutions with high degree of innovation. A company founded 21 years ago that ended the 2015 financial year with a growth in turnover of 20% and it is set to launch a recruitment campaign for 40 vacancies, from now until the end of ‘year. The company founded by Fabio De Felice three years ago took over the Neapolitan headquarters of Piaggio Aero Industries, an operation that put Protom in a position to cover the whole plane design cycle, strengthening partnerships with big players in the engineering sector, in the aviation, in the railway and in the automotive such as Leonardo, Fca, Superjet, Piaggio Aerospace, ATR, Hitachi and Airbus.

But the Aerospace is just one of the areas manned by the company that has more than 120 employees among the offices in Naples, Milan, Toulouse and London, to it a network of 100 consultants must be added. And it aims to grow more: within six months it will recruit 40 employees among analysts and developers to be inserted organically on projects launched in Rome, Milan, Verona, Bologna and Turin. At the end of last year there were recorded revenues for more than 14 million. L ‘EBITDA stood at 3.5 million, accounting for 25% of turnover and more than doubled compared to 2014. It has also improved the debt / equity ratio, which rose from 1.4 to 0.9. “We are aware – underlines the founder De Felice – that the time of the companies working on mono-commissions is over. The diversification of the customer portfolio and the business areas is a key factor for the competitiveness of a company, especially if you develop and sell innovative solutions.”

In 1995 were born the business Training and Education unit and Pa. The first has imposed itself on both the corporate market and in the schools, specializing itself in training linked to the IT and Aerospace sectors, being able to exploit the know-how gained inside the group. The second was dedicated to the development of innovative programs, in the management of European funds allocated to public administrations. Protom, for example, has assisted the municipalities of Campania in the certified expenditure of funds FESR Campania 2007/2013. And according to the data results they all have obtained spending performances above the average. “This year ‘- said De Felice – we won the tender for 11 million of the Campania Region technical assistance to the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020”. The IT area, grew in 2012 thanks to the entry of a group of managers of Olivetti Research, has achieved in a few years international awards in PA, business companies and TLC markets, establishing itself in the development of high-grade solutions innovation in the field of virtual reality and immersive systems, either with ambitious projects in partnership with global players in the sector and with the release of innovative products processed internally which led the company to enter, with innovative solutions, also in the world of culture. “Several are the sectors – says De Felice – for which we have developed applications, from the railway signaling system to archeology.” As for the aerospace division, Protom is one of the few Italian companies selected in the European Horizon 2020 Clean Sky 2 program, launched in Europe on research and aeronautical innovation area.

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