SEaSIDE update: Icing Analysis and next steps

Analyze, design, develop, test in an Ice Wind Tunnel Test (IWT) and deliver to the Topic Manager a prototype of Hybrid (thermal and electro-expulsive) De-Icing system: the SEaSIDE Project goal is clear and the Consortium has reached some early results, while the reporting period is approachig.

The project started with an intensive exchange with the Topic Manager in order to gather all the necessary requirements for the projects in terms of performance, safety, mechanical and electrical interfaces. As soon as requirements for the systems had been finalized with the Topic Manager and a Requirements document had been issued by Protom, the activities continued with a preliminary icing impingement analysis on the wing section geometry provided by the Topic Manager.

Meanwhile GKN did some preliminary testing activity on some material samples in order to understand the the best compromise of overlapping of the zones between a full electro-expulsive system and a full electrical system.

Then, the Consortium started working on the arrangement of the Hybrid Electro-Expulisve and Electrical system concept, in order to finalize the architecture as well as the interfaces. Moreover, preliminary design activities have been performed.

SEASIDE ambition is to provide European small aircraft community with a low power and low cost hybrid thermal-expulsive technology allowing small aircraft to cope with “all weather operation” and more specific Icing condition in a safe way

Furthermore the project will have an important impact on the revitalization of the European supply chain dedicated to SAT community, the technology developed under SEASIDE project is not yet available from a viable European supply chain.



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