SEaSIDE: a new Partner joined the Project

Providing European small aircraft community with a low power and low cost hybrid thermal-expulsive technology allowing small aircraft to cope with ―all wheatear operation‖ and more specific Icing condition in a safe way: SEaSIDE Project mission is clear and a new partner joined the Consortium in order to win this ambitious challenge.

“Our new partner in the execution of the Seaside project is Villinger GMBH, European leader in Innovative Heating Technology and Ice Protection Systems based on electrically operated layers. We are very happy to welcome Villinger into the project partnership – says Mr. Giuliano Di Paola, SEASIDE Project Manager – we are confident that its Research and Development skills will allow us to direct Seaside’s activities in an even more interesting and innovative direction.”


After the definition of the requirements for the systems had been finalized with the Topic Manager and a preliminary icing impingement analysis on the wing section geometry has been carried out, the Consortium is ready to move to the next step of the SEaSIDE solution development, in order to analyze, design, develop, test in an Ice Wind Tunnel Test (IWT) and deliver to the Topic Manager a prototype of Hybrid (thermal and electro-expulsive) De-Icing system

The project aims at contributing to the European objective of including the SAT category in the integrated transport system, providing a new mean of transport to complete door-to-door journey within 4 hours for 90% of travelers, as requested by the H2050 Flight Path Objectives.

Furthermore the project will have an important impact on the revitalization of the European supply chain dedicated to SAT community, the technology developed under SEASIDE project is not yet available from a viable European supply chain.

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