The DEVILS project ‘DEvelopment of VHBR engines Innovative Lubrication System’ is part of the Clean Sky 2 Program. The aim of the project is to develop a variable flow rate pump for the oil lubrication system of VHBR engines.

  • Funding ProgrammeClean Sky 2
  • DateFeb 1, 2017 - Feb 28, 2021
  • Topic LeaderRolls Royce


The DEVILS project has to fulfill four goals.

  • Development of a model based systems engineering (MBSE) tool to aid the evaluation and selection of candidate VHBR system architectures.
  • Development of methods and techniques required to achieve variable flows that will allow oil feed and scavenge systems to be optimized around the flight envelope.
  • Demonstration of a variable flow intelligent oil system and advanced control scheme showing how operation can be optimized across a range of simulated flight conditions.

Research into autonomous fault detection and correction for future Oil Systems.

On April 2018 DEVILS consortium achieved an important project milestone: the freezing of the oil lubrication system architecture and the geometry of the variable flow rate pump.

The current trend of developing aircraft engines that consume less fuel put a lot of pressure on the oil lubrication system cooling requirements due to higher speeds, loads, and temperatures in the engines. This is also true for Very High By-pass Engines due to the integration of high-power gearboxes and high-power starter-generators.

For this reason Engine manufacturers are looking for innovative design for oil lubrication systems implementing architectures that are able to meet the new cooling and lubricating requirements without impacting neither on the Engine weight nor on operational and maintenance costs.

The overall objective of project DEVILS Project is to develop an innovative variable flow rate oil pump to be integrated in a high performance aircraft lubrication system; the aim is to reduce both fuel and oil consumption.

Specification Review Meeting

At Airbus Helicopters premises of Marignane (France), partners meet in order validate the preliminary requirements of the progest.

The DEVILS Consortium

The DEVILS Consortium comprises of the following partners; they all share a deep knowledge in the aerospace and hydraulic fields.

Project Coordinator for Devils, Protom has developed an extensive experience in design & project management. It has developed an extensive know-how in aerospace structures & system, being able to carry on the entire process from the overall design of a product or sub-assembly to the specific design of detail parts.

A.Abete S.r.l. risponde alle difficili richieste dell’industria aerospaziale. Grazie a più di 50 anni di esperienza nel settore delle lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione, l’Azienda è oggi un riferimento a livello internazionale nella progettazione e realizzazione di componenti e assiemi per motori e parti strutturali dei velivoli.

Technologies Group is a Fast Growing & Profitable ​Leading Provider of Thermal Management Solutions and Power & Actuation Services. TAT Technologies is a strategic global partner to leading players in the aerospace industry and specializes in innovative commercial, defense, OEM and MRO solutions.

The Department of industrial Engineering – Aerospace Section is an important player in the European Scientific Community. More than eighty years of continuing research and developments have built a solid tradition of excellence based upon a strong relationship between the academic community, the aerospace industry and the research centres.

The CNR is the largest public research institution in Italy, focusing on promoting innovation and competitiveness of the national industrial system, internationalization of the national research system, and providing technologies and solutions to emerging public and private needs

The DEVILS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 737972

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