SPAIN Project “Smart Panels for SAT Aircrafts Cabin Insulation” is part of the Systems Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD) Program within Clean Sky2.

Evektor, the Czech Aircraft OEM, is System ITD Leader for Small Aircraft Transportation (SAT) Topic Manager.

The STS ITD Program aims at the development of different innovative technologies for the System Aerospace field, which will be tested on an integrated demonstrator.

  • Funding ProgrammeClean Sky 2
  • DateJul 1, 2016 - Jun 30, 2019
  • Topic LeaderEvektor


While Large Passenger Aircrafts are equipped with the most innovative solutions and materials in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, General Aviation Aircrafts usually do not take advantage of the same approach, which ensures high performances, but has equally high costs.

SPAIN Project aims thus at closing this gap, providing an innovative thermo-acoustic insulation system for General Aviation Aircrafts, both highly efficient and affordable.

SPAIN will design, develop and test an efficient Insulation Panel, making use of the most up-to-date materials available on the market, in terms of thermal and acoustic individual performance. Combining different materials and thicknesses, the new Insulation Panel will undertake thermal and acoustic analysis, in order to achieve the best performance at the most affordable cost for General Aviation Aircraft.

Final result of SPAIN Project will be the design, development and production of a complete EV-55 Cabin Insulation System.

Final selection of basic materials for testing of acoustics and heat values

During the Review Meeting, the final selection of basic materials for testing of acoustics and heat values has been defined. Before the meeting, flight tests have been performed, in order to define thermic and acoustic requirements.

Review for preparation of test methods

The Test Readiness Review Meeting was performed, in order to define specific test methods focused on heat and acoustic values, according to standards.

Agreement on selected materials for design samples (acoustic and heat requests)

After an initial screening of the most performing materials available on the market with characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation, a sizing of the preliminary configuration most suitable of materials compounds have been performed, with the goal of matching the requested thermal and acoustic performance and keeping the overall weight down as possible.

Final Insulation package design

Technological documentation of preparation of composite insulation layers and results of calculation methods (heat transfer, analyze of acoustic values) for passive insulation, steps for optimization heat insulation layers.

Test Plan

Technical request for real testing of normal and optimal passive insulation considering heat transfer


Project Coordinator for SPAIN, Protom has developed an extensive experience in design & project management. It has developed an extensive know-how in aerospace strictures & system, being able to carry on the entire process from the overall design of a product or sub-assembly to the specific design of detail parts.

Founded in 1994, TI&A specializes in the design and manufacture of materials and systems for thermal and acoustic insulation, with particular attention to the civil and defence aeronautics.

The SPAIN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 714486

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