The main objective of the project STELLE “Satellite Technology to Enabling new Learning and Lessons Environment”,  is to build an innovative tool SCUOLAB – SDA (Satellite Data Augmented) which use ESA data and imagines for new experience of training. This solution allows to teach in a more engaging way and increases training effectiveness.

  • Funding ProgrammeESA
  • DateAug 16, 2020 - Aug 16, 2021


Final objectives of the project:

  • Hosting and maintaining an innovative learning platform for all European schools, supporting both remote learning and in-vivo teaching
  • Promote education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles

SCUOLAB SDA - Satellite Data Augmented

The innovative platform, SCUOLAB – SDA is able to deliver remote interactive learning contents for frontal lessons as for self-learning sessions.
Teachers can use ESA data and imagines in order to create an interactive lesson in environmental sciences and chemistry.
This set is used both for virtual remote classrooms experience as for individual exercises to empowering individual learning process.


For European students SCUOLAB SDA is Innovative way to learn by interactive, VR animated sessions based on satellite data.
Key partners of the project are teachers and school principals for co-design the innovative solutions as users of a new tool for education, while the technical partner CIRA, has acquired wide experience in analysis and management of georeferenced structured data and Earth Observation Sat Data.

BDR Baseline Design Review

During this phase, the definition of requirements and the collection of Data will be carried out. In the meantime, thanks to the collaboration with the “ITI Augusto Righi”, educational strategies and objectives will be defined, in order to agree on a Learning model and on a set of specifications related to the Experiences

CDR Critical Design Review

Low-level specifications are generated while the identification and design of the training objectives is provided.
The technical and functional specifications for the realization of the laboratory experiences, including the experimental context, the objects to be modeled, the simulation mechanisms are described


Project Coordinator for STELLE, Protom has developed an extensive experience in design & project management. It has developed an extensive know-how in aerospace strictures & system, being able to carry on the entire process from the overall design of a product or sub-assembly to the specific design of detail parts.

CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, is a public-owned company established in 1984 to carry out research in aeronautical and space disciplines.

The STELLE project has received funding from the Esa (European Space Agency)

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